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We provide training online, onsite, at conferences, and retreats --every area of church administration to include boards, office staff, deacons, and ministers

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Training in Church Administration

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We offer online training as well as onsite workshops.

We work with churches of all denominations and sizes. We provide trainings in all areas of church administration from church secretary, church boards, deacon(nesses), ministerial team and more.  We have over 23 years experience in training and equipping churches' staffs.

To get a feel for some of our teachings you may read excerpts from our books. They are sold through and --go to and click on "Books by Pamela R. Smith. You can also see previews of our trainings within this website.

Trainings Offered:

We offer the most detailed church administration training program across the globe. From start to finish - if you want your staff thoroughly trained in church administration, then enroll your staff in our Church Administrator Certification Program or Church Secretary Certification Program. You will have the most equipped staff that is well-balanced and effective in church administration. 

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We also offer the following workshops:

  • Help! I'm a New Church Secretary!
  • Church Administration Training Workshop
  • Records Management
  • Events Planning for Churches
  • Church Board Training
  • Church Workers Training Conference
  • Team Building in the Church
  • Serving in the Church
  • Ministering in the Spirit of an Armorbearer
  • Train the Teacher
  • Deacon(esses) Training
  • Ministerial Training
  • Starting a New Church
  • We can offer customized training for your church (just tell us what you need)!

Online Training:

With our online training you can log in 24 hours a day 7 days a week and receive quality training. We are constantly uploading new sessions.  Click here for an overview of the trainings.

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